Hearth Connection is data-driven. In addition to independent research, Hearth Connection manages data and reporting for its supportive housing programs.login for providers

Co-Pilot is Hearth Connection’s customized data system, designed for ease of use and able to capture a large breadth of information from participants’ housing status to functioning.  Case managers input data that is analyzed by Hearth Connection, reported to funders, and used for program improvement.  Information in Co-Pilot is uploaded to the state HMIS (Homeless Management Information System).

In addition to data collected in Co-Pilot, Hearth Connection also uses the Self-Sufficiency Matrix to track participants' progress in eighteen different areas of functioning including income, education, and life skills.

How we share results

Service Providers

dashboard report screenshotexample of Provider Dashboard We want to help service providers easily access and review aggregate outcome measures for their participants. “Provider dashboards” use data from Co-Pilot and allow case managers to measure participant progress, compare results, and identify areas of strengths and opportunities for improvements.  


Hearth Connection uses Co-Pilot to report to various funders.  On behalf of the supportive housing projects, Hearth Connection manages all data and reports to project funders.  In 2011, Hearth Connection released a web-based reporting system for Co-Pilot that can produce customized, up-to-date reports on a variety of participant outcomes and performance measures. 


Use of Co-Pilot information provides accountability for the projects and investments in Minnesota's Long-Term Homeless Supportive Services Fund (LTHSSF) and Housing Trust Fund (HTF).  Results from Co-Pilot are shared with Legislators to improve the knowledge of effective, evidence-based solutions for populations with high barriers.